Liinks to some of the interviews and keynote talks I’ve done over the past few years:

A video interview on media education, to coincide with the 2023 publication of my Manifesto in Brazil, for the Brazilian organisation CESC:

A zoom conference (only in Portuguese) for the same publication:

A lively online discussion with members of IAME, the International Association for Media Education: ‘Can journalists be part of media education?’ in July 2020:

Media literacy policy in Europe: where are we going and how can we get there? Helsinki, 2019

Media literacy in the age of digital capitalism. (Dubbed in Spanish.) Buenos Aires, 2018.

Q+A session (also dubbed in Spanish) from another event in Buenos Aires, 2018.

Short interview clip on ‘fake news’ and media education. Barcelona, 2018.

Media education: why, what, where, how? An introduction to media education, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017

Media meets literacy conference. Warsaw, 2015.

Technology in schools: a sceptical view. Tablets for Schools conference, London 2015.

The success and failure of media education. Sheffield, 2013.

There’s more on YouTube, although there seem to be quite a few people called David Buckingham, some of whom are probably much more interesting than I am…