I’m a British writer and researcher with a particular interest in media, education, children and young people. I live in London, and I’m a Visiting Professor at various universities in the UK and overseas. You can find out more about my work here.

There are three main things on this site. There’s an occasional blog on media education and related issues: the posts are tagged so you can search with keywords. There’s a new collection of longer pieces, Growing Up Modern: Childhood, Youth and Popular Culture Since 1945. And there are also some shorter, more general essays on similar topics. All this stuff is written for students and for the general reader. Just click on the tabs above to find out more.

You can find many of my academic papers on my Academia website here and on Researchgate here. If you would like to receive updates when new blogs are posted, you can subscribe using the box on the blog page. You can also get updates if you follow me on Twitter using @ddbuckingham.

Latest essay on Growing Up Modern: Gender trouble: cinema and the mystery of adolescent girlhood. Click here.

Latest blog post: Who needs ‘digital literacy’? Further thoughts on disinformation, ‘fake news’, online harms, media education and so forth. New blog post: Click here.